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Combining different worlds, different kitchens, uniting families.

Mouth-watering flavors.  Outstanding taste.  Versatile and yet simple.  NO Compromises.  Wholesome, Natural Foods.

We source the best ingredients, flavorful spices, veggies and fruits to use in our family recipes.  What we create are original gourmet foods that are natural, wholesome and one-of-a-kind.  Our Desi Girl Gourmet line of products is for the discerning chef, the harried cook or even the novice experimenter — easy to use, easy to love, easy to add to anything you’re cooking.

A versatile line of chutneys and sauces sourced carefully, made with love.

Our product is consistent and versatile that can be used in practically everything — as condiments with cheese and crackers, with sandwiches, as bar-be-cue marinades, even baked with chicken or fish.  We stand by our quality and our careful sourcing of our ingredients.

Cranberry Chutney

Desi Girl Gourmet Cranberry Chutney is a twist on our South Indian connections. Spices that include the musky and light hint of asafoetida, mustard seeds and generous helpings of curry leaves, mixed with our family-inspired spice blend when added to fresh, seasonal cranberries gives a new take on Christmas, Thanksgiving and how we greet our families during the holidays. Mix our Desi Girl Cranberry Chutney with bread, crackers, on turkey, or eat it plain, the twist on a holiday side makes it a go-to condiment for every holiday.

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About Desi Girl Gourmet

Co-Founder Latha Rao

Desi Girl Gourmet rose out of a keen sense of being part of the San Diego food culture and a need to share our family’s recipes with the world. We believe sharing our foods with you makes the world a better place.

Our quest is for good, wholesome and yet surprising flavors.

Having traveled all over the world, both Madhu and Latha have roots in India while they call San Diego home. Both Madhu, in oncology diagnostics, and Latha, in healthcare are ardent supporters of local foods, farms and sustainability. Food has to be easy, simple, healthy and good for all of us. With that in mind, Desi Girl Gourmet chutney line was launched for the discerning chef, the new-in-the-kitchen cook, even the in-a-rush-and-a-bind folks. The chutneys are original desi Indian with an international flair, and universal in their use.

Check out some of Madhu’s and Latha’s recipes here.

Desi Girl Gourmet line of chutneys are select recipes that have passed down for generations within our families to share with you. Our products represent who we are – international global citizens who believe in a world of joy, love and peace.

The chutneys are natural, healthy and fun! 

DesiGirl Gourmet chutneys recipes are handed down from our families, with love. The only thing we’ve added to this is more joy and fun.

From our kitchens to yours, Desi Girl Gourmet is a gift from us to you.

Co-Founder Madhu Ghosh



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